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May 19, 2019 2 min read

ANS Performance Signs World Bantamweight ONE FC Champion Bibiano ‘The Flash’ Fernandes

We are proud to announce our newest ANS Performance Athlete with World Bantamweight ONE FC Champion Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes to become his exclusive sport nutrition supplement provider. With our elite quality and innovative approach to science-based supplementation, ANS Performance aim to take Bibiano’s strength, endurance and recovery to new heights.

The rapid ascension of ANS Performance as a world-wide industry leading sports supplement nutrition brand has been nearly as electric as Fernandes’ rise to champion. “Bibiano embodies what the our brand stands for,” said International Sales & Brand Development Director Derek Crossman, “a man who has overcome incredible obstacles in life with hard work, sacrifice and dedication to his trade, and has ascended to the pinnacle of his sport. He is respected amongst his peers and widely considered to be the #1 Bantamweight MMA Fighter in the world.”

Fernandes has successfully defended his ONE FC Bantamweight multiple times since 2011,and looks forward to his next opportunity to do so in January 2016 in Shanghai. “I am excited to partner with ANS Performance. I trust in their team and their products to elevate my preparation and performance,” said Fernandes, “Having scientific, doctor-formulated supplements in my corner will undoubtedly help me extend my streak of title defenses.”

ANS Performance aims to continue their global expansion further into Asia, as they have had incredible recent success in the Chinese, Indian and Indonesian markets. “Bringing Bibiano onto our team, will solidify and expand the growing reputation that ANS Performance has in the emerging Asian market,” said Crossman, “We are excited to bring our customers and fans in those regions in closer contact with Bibiano and our champion calibre brand.”

At ANS, we choose our athletes carefully. Each athlete on our team is valuable to us, and stands behind our brand. We couldn’t be more thrilled to add an amazing athlete to our team, Bibiano Fernandez, a perfect fit for ANS Performance. An athlete who has worked hard to get to where he is today, and an athlete who believes in science-backed products. We officially welcome Bibiano to the team and look forward to following and supporting his successful mixed martial arts career!


About Bibiano Fernandes

ONE Bantamweight Champion, Bibiano Fernandes signing with ANS performance

Hailing from Brazil, Bibiano “The Flash” Fernandes is a world champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. After dominating in amateur competition, Bibiano entered the professional ranks, earning both the Dream and ONE FC Championships Bantamweight championships.

Fernandes is currently ranked as one of the best Bantamweight fighters in the world, and lives and trains in Vancouver, Canada.


Welcome to our family, Bibiano!

Team ANS Performance

ANSPerformance Canada
ANSPerformance Canada

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